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At Morning Law Office LLC in Rushville, Indiana, we understand how emotionally exhausting divorce and other family law and civil litigation matters can be. We never lose sight of the fact that real people are impacted by the outcomes.

I am attorney Leigh Morning. I have practiced family law and civil litigation for more than 16 years, helping people in central and eastern Indiana with divorce and other issues that accompany ending a marriage, as well as broader disputes involving real estate, business issues and more.

In providing a wide range of family law services, we always take the time to review both the big picture and the intricate details. We help our clients cope with the stress of divorce and focus on long-term solutions that will best serve them and their children for years to come.

A Rushville Family Law Attorney Who

We create customized strategies that aim to achieve our clients’ objectives across the full range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce — Protecting financial interests during negotiations and divorce trials
  • Child custody — Establishing parent time plans that protect your relationship with your children
  • Division of assets and debt — Including valuing businesses, retirement accounts, self-employed income information and property values
  • Paternity — Establishing the legal father in order to protect custody and visitation rights or to establish child support provisions
  • Post-decree modifications — Helping parents adjust to changes in their lives
  • Enforcement — Taking legal steps when divorce orders are not followed
  • Prenuptial agreements — Protecting against litigation in the event your relationship ends

Civil Litigation That Also Focuses On People

Our civil litigation practice helps people and small businesses resolve everyday legal issues. We offer our clients comprehensive and technologically sophisticated representation in a variety of areas, including:

  • Personal injury litigation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Real estate transactions
  • Real estate litigation
  • Insurance disputes

Whenever possible, we look for resolutions to legal disputes without going to court. We understand, however, that some matters must be settled in court, which is one reason we prepare meticulously for every case. We are comfortable and capable of protecting your rights and advocating on your behalf.

If you need a personable lawyer who will tailor a legal strategy to suit your objectives, call 765-938-2529 or use our contact form to schedule a meeting with our experienced Rush County divorce lawyer.

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