Tailored Legal Strategies To Suit Your Objectives

Resolving A Wide Range Of Legal Concerns

Legal issues can present themselves at any time and often do so at the most inopportune moments. At Morning Law Office LLC in Rushville, I provide a full scope of civil litigation and transactional representation. I take great pride in establishing quick rapport with our clients, and I spend however long it takes to understand each client’s unique situation and personal objectives.

I have handled a wide range of civil matters, including transactions and litigation in these areas:

  • Contracts including breach of contract litigation, contract enforcement and contract review
  • Insurance including issues related to subrogation, consumer insurance policies, third-party claims and bad faith
  • Real estate matters such as boundary disputes and easements, purchase and sale agreements and leasing
  • Collections
  • Personal injury

A Small Caseload Means Detailed Attention

Unlike large law firms that churn through a high volume of cases in order to cover their overhead, I intentionally limit the number of cases I handle at one time so I can maintain client service and support that is both personable and professional.

I always aim to avoid expensive litigation whenever possible. I prepare meticulously for each case, a factor that often helps us reach a fair settlement through negotiations or mediation. When a matter cannot be resolved amicably, however, I am capable of advocating aggressively on your behalf in court.

Navigate The Complex World Of Real Estate

Whether you are buying a home or developing a commercial space, you face a world of complex regulations and paperwork. When you need counsel for a real estate transaction or other matter, I am prepared to help you. I take the time to read your documents carefully, explain your rights and help you make wise decisions.

Plan Your Future, Today

Through strategic estate planning, I help my clients plan for their family’s future in case of an unexpected illness and death. I draft custom documents that suit your unique situation. You can pass your wealth to the next generation, select a guardian for your children and plan for your medical care with my experienced legal help.

Discuss How I Can Resolve Your Issue

If you need a lawyer to resolve a legal matter, call 765-896-2275 or use the contact form to schedule an appointment with me. I can review the facts of your case and recommend the next steps to take.